Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picture Gallery: June 25 Vedaanta Workshop on Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis
Personal Integration

A workshop conducted by
Uday Acharya, Mentor, VESLARC

25 June 2011
VESLARC Vedanta Workshop
in association with Vidya Vaaridhi Trust

25th June 2011
Uday Acharya conducted a workshop on Identity Crisis and Personal Integration
At VesLarc Vedanta Room in VES Management Institute, Mumbai.

Ram Keshwani, Trustee Vivekananda Education Society

 Uday Acharya - Trustee, Vidya Vaaridhi Trust
Anushka Panjabi - Executive Manager VESLARC
Piya Mukherjee - Director VESLARC

A Nagananda, Faculty VESLARC 

Workshop Participants 


Vidya Vaaridhi  Volunteers : Lalita and Geeta

Dr Geeta Mohan

Ravi Raman Presents

Ram Iyer Represents

Relaxing Time

There's room for more

Till we meet again 

Topic: Identity Crisis & Personal Integration

Balancing multiple roles is the new mantra in the fast changing world. Often role confusion sets in, with one role carrying forward to another. The parent goes to office, and the footballer answers the social studies test paper. In the melee, we forget to see who we basically are. What do we represent on this universe? Is there a core of stability and goodness within us that we can tap? Can we manage our routine stress and see beyond to appreciate the skies? What does Vedanta have to say about playing our roles in life?

This workshop looked into the insights of the Bhagvad Gita and other scriptures of the world to build an atmosphere of leisure and hrmony centred on our inner being. Vedanta creates a paradigm shift in the way we see ourselves. Are we human beings pursuing spiritually, or are we spiritual beings behaving as human beings?

Uday Acharya is a Vedanta student conducting Vedanta Satsang classes in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai. He organizes spiritual camps and weekend workshops on Vedanta and related topics. He is a mentor for VESLARC which conducts workshops for teachers, students, parents of Vivekananda Education Society (VES). He is Trustee of Vidya Vaaridhi Trust, an NGO promoting learning and personal growth.
VES Leadership Academy and Leadership Centre (VESLARC)

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