Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vedanta: Short notes by Lalita

Pure Consciousnes, limitless awareness, the material and intelligent cause f the universe by association with Maya, Self evident, self effulgent, unconditional consciousness. Lends its effulgence to all beings in the universe. Known as Satyam, Jnanam,, Anantam Brahma. Everything exists in its existence. As Ishwara it is the creator, sustainer and resolver of the Universe. As Brahman untouched it is Satyam, Jnanam Anantam. The absolute limitless truth Bahma has to be known. It cannot be objectified. Shastras reveal Brahman. It is to be undersoood by Shruti Vakyas.

Ishwara is the Lord of the Universe. As Brahma, he creates, as Vishnu He sustains,
and as Maheshwara he resolves the Universe back into unmanifest form. Ihswara with Maya Shakti has brought about creation that has been intelligently put together. Ishwara is all knowledge, all knowing, all pervading, with all powers and virtues in totality. Maya is its conditioning adjunct. Ishwara is Brahman, the awareness, pure consciousness as its essential nature.

All powerful Shakti which has the power to cover what is and project what is not at the same time and place. It is also known as prakriti made up of three Gunas – Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas. This is the material cause of the whole universe. By itself it is insentient. With Ishwara it gives rise to creation with varying degrees of consciousness in the created product, depending on the reflecting capacity of the created product. Maya’s effects are seen as creation.

Creation is a virtual reality that is seen by every one. It is an intelligently put together field fo5r the created to experience in different ways. In creation everything exists according to their make up of the three different attributes of prakriti namely Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. The laws of creation are specific and harmonious with pairs of opposites. These are Ishwara shrishti (dvaitam).

Adhyasa is superimposition of one thing on another at the same place and time. This is caused by the covering and projecting power of Maya. Although creation is essentially awareness, pure consciousness, we see appearances of different objet seemingly different from one another. In creation we have many examples for this like the rope on snake, silver on shell seen when there is darkness. In darkness one can mistake a rope for a snake and a lamp post for a ghost. Once it is illumined the adhyasa is no more there. It is resolved in the same place at the same time.

Jiva is part of creation. A transacting individual endowed with power to desire, act and gain and perform with knowledge. Also endowed with a free will to use the powers it has. Made up of the three gunas of Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas, the jiva transacts in this world of Ishwara dvaitam. In the process it creates its own dualistic world based upon the make up of the three gunas. In ignorance the jiva thinks itself to be limited and bo8und by time and space. In reality it is Sat Chit Ananda/ This fact about the self has to be revealed by a guru. The jivatvam ends with the dawn of knowledge and destruction of ignorance.

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