Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vedanta: Ananda


literally means Happiness

Ananda is Complete, Self Sufficient, Whole, Full. Ananda is the nature of the Self.

Ananda is not an event nor an experience of bliss, for every experience is conditional, depending on presence (or absence) of subject-object division, time-space, etc.

Ananda is the substratum (pratishtha)
of the anandamaya bhokta (blissful experiencer). As such, Ananda is the Self that is independent of painful and pleasurable experiences.

Ananda transcends all experiences and is the invariable experience in all experiences. Ananda is the 'I' experience that is the substratum of all variable experiences.

'Ananda' is used in a metaphorical sense to indicate that it is beyond sorrow. Ananda and Happiness are similar in terms of being free from pain. However, Ananda and Happiness are different in terms of absolute freedom and relative freedom. Happiness is mutually opposed to pain, whereas Ananda has no opposite whatsoever and is never replaced.

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