Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vedanta - Sat


Real. 'That which 'is' (asti). In absolute terms, it means The Real.

The Real does not give up its nature of 'is' (svasvarupam na parityajyati) under any condition. The Real is not dependent on terms and conditions. The Real Is...... (no conditions apply).

The Real is independent of place, time, and attributes . Place time and attributes are variable and changing. They limit each other and the objects that depend on them.

The Real is independent, self existent, invariable, and unchanging. Phenomena comes and departs in time,

while the Real was, is, and remains the same. Objects in space move from one location to another; whereas the Real is motionless, independent of location.

Phenomenal objects appear, exist and disappear in time. The Real is beyond the time, untouched, unchanged, ever the same. Phenomenal objects move around in space. The Real is beyond space, untouched, unmoved, all pervasive. Phenomenal objects have limited attributes that differentiate them from one another. The Real is beyond attributes and cannot be differentiated from any object. It is not conditioned by time, space, or attributes (Deshatah Kaalatah Vastutah Aparichhinnam).

The Real is the ground and location for all phenomena. The Real is all pervading and located in Itself.... rather, it is independent and has no need for location.

If the Real is not a phenomenal object, how is the Real known to exist? The Real is known to exist because it is conscious (Chit) by nature. It is conscious by nature and not dependent on any phenomena. Its conscious nature expresses as the 'I' which is in and through every individual.

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