Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vedanta: Brahman

Brahman is the absolute reality that is always existent, always conscious, all pervading and beyond creation. It is independently existent and independently known (self evident), and independent of all name and form. The absolute Brahman is the conscious entity - one without a second, unchanging, unmoved, and untouched. It is free from cause and effect.

At the phenomenal level, Brahman is the source and ground of creation.

Brahman is present in and through creation and extends beyond time and space. Creation emerges from Brahman, exists in it and merges into it. At the phenomenal level, Brahman is associated with Maya, the shadow entity that is the material for all of creation. Brahman associated with Maya is Ishwara, the Creator. The real and shadow entity together account for the entire gamut of appearances ranging from the relatively non-existent to the relatively eternal.

At the physical level, Brahman is Virat - the entire manifest creation. Brahman is all names and forms, all hands and legs, all eyes and ears. The heavens are his head, space his stomach, sun and moon his eyes and ears, and the earth his feet. Everything as a whole is Brahman, and every part represents Brahman. All beings and things within creation, are thus non different from Brahman.


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