Friday, June 27, 2014

The Painted Canvas

Spirit was the original Experience before dawn of creation.
Nothing else existed but Spirit.
Experience alone was.
Whole, Undivided, One without a second.

Riding on Spirit was Nature – the principle of creation.
The potential to create division as it were.....
of experiencer, experienced and experience.
The potential for creating diversity
was neither different from Spirit
nor non-different from it.

Spirit, with the agency of Nature,
Became the source
for all that moved or breathed in creation.

Eyes experienced colour
Ears experienced sound
mind experienced cognitions., feelings, and thoughts.
In the light of Spirit – Experience.

Eyes, ears and mind gathered perceptual experience
Perceptual experience that was
Direct, Immediate, Here and Now.
Sense organs and Mind came together
to experience and enjoy
the beautiful fragrant red rose.

The reflective Mind gleaned inferential knowledge
Based on what was seen, heard, and felt.
Inferential knowledge was the experience of understanding -
This Experience of knowing was Indirect,
not necessarily connected to the Here and Now.

Mind contemplated on the falling apple
For hours, days, months and years
And inferred the pull of gravity
Attracting all apples towards the centre of the earth.

The learning Mind gathered collective wisdom
Through books, teachers, and guides.
Indirect knowledge that substituted for direct experience.
The informed Mind became a library of knowledge
Of things experienced or visualized by others
Experiencing the same in the mind’s eye
By proxy, indirectly, away from the Here and Now.

The Mind set out to experience Spirit –
The experience behind all experiences.
The more it tried, the more it failed,
For mind was designed to gather experiences
That rode on the Spirit Experience
And the Spirit Experience does not ride.

The truth was that the experience Mind itself
was riding on the Spirit Experience.
The Spirit Experience was not an object of the Mind.
Rather it was the Mind of the Mind,
Eye of the Eye,
And Breath of the Breath.
All experiences, objects and events
Rode on the Spirit experience
And Spirit Experience went beyond the experiences
Of perceptual, inferential and textual knowledge.

How then was Spirit Experience experienced?
It needed no means of experiencing – direct or indirect.
Like the Sun requires no light to illumine itself,
Spirit did not depend on any means.
Just as the Sun is never in darkness,
Spirit Experience was never away from experience.
Experience experienced itself
Because it was nothing but experience....
Direct, Eternal, Here and Now.

The experience of Spirit Experience
was the basis on which every experience rides.
Spirit Experience manifested as multiple experiences –
Mind experience, Object experience, and Knowing experience.
All these experiences are manifestations of
One Spirit Experience
That abides by itself in its own glory, beyond knowing and unknowing.

The Mind, frustrated in trying to know the Spirit Experience
Surrendered to the Teacher and begged for enlightenment.
The Teacher smiled at Mind
And simply said –
That Thou Art.

The Mind realised the Spirit Experience
As the Mind of the mind,
Eye of the eye,
And Breath of the breath.

Spirit Experience was
The experience of the experience,
Ever experienced, never away from experience.

The Mind in wonder, said
And that was the joy of realization.
Direct, Immediate. Here and Now.
The experience of understanding
The Experience of Recognition,

"I am That Experience am I"

The "Aha" experience.



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