Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vedanta: Moksha

Ultimate Liberation from Birth and Death

The self is timeless, beyond birth and death. The self is believed to be subject to birth and death due to ignorance.

Creation is an appearance superimposed on the self. The self appears to be limited by creation due to ignorance. As long as this ignorance holds true, there is no liberation.

Action cannot release the self, as it is not opposed to ignorance.
Neither does faith, surrender, sacrifice, self denial and the rest.

Action produces four types of results - reaching, creating, transforming, or cleansing. All these results are in time and have no meaning in the self which is timeless.

Action can help in the process of gathering and cultivating knowledge, but it has no direct effect on liberation. It is knowledge which liberates, since knowledge alone is opposed to ignorance. Light alone removes darkness and not actions like cutting, sweeping, vacuuming, etc.

Liberation is not a product. It is an existent fact ... the essential nature of the self. Liberation does not come.... it is a fact that is. Knowledge reveals this fact by removing ignorance.

Limitation is a superimposition on the limitless. It appears real to the observer conditioned by ignorance. It appears as just a phenomenal appearance to the one free from ignorance. Appearance is appearance is appearance. Reality is Reality. The two do not mix nor affect one another. Limitation is the superimposition that appears and disappears. Limitless is always ..... it is the ground reality, substratum of all appearance.


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