Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vedanta: The Experience of Self

The need to experience fullness comes from a sense of limitation. Within the sphere of limitation, experiences take you to a high or low.

Real fullness is when the need to experience fullness is redundant, since all highs and lows are but the manifestations of the self that is always full.

When you realize that all highs and lows are mere manifestations, and that fullness is your nature, you finally settle all accounts with yourself.

You have no more agenda to follow, so you become open to all experience,

accepting them as they come, waving them good bye as they leave. The world becomes a garden in heaven, and every tree becomes wish fulfilling.

Real Fullness is not the intensity of the joyous emotion. Rather, it is the confidence of knowledge that every experience is just a passing condition and does not condition us through greed or fear. Joy and sorrow are treated in the same way .... as experiences that have a beginning and an end.

Skillful living happens when we can fully accept things as they happen and let go as they fade away. Every joy comes to us as a bonus; and every sorrow suggests that our destination is the self and not the phenomenal world. Every success is sweet, and every failure a gentle reminder that humans are not almighty. Success and failure are phenomenal, highs and lows are transactional. These do not touch the fullness of the self that is both immanent and transcendental.


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