Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vedanta: Self Awareness

Self Aware
The conscious self is responsible for knowledge of the inert world. The inert is not conscious of the self.

The mind is aware of objects because it has consciousness. The self witnesses the inert mind because the self is consciousness.

Becoming aware of something is to make known something that is unknown.
The mind goes to the object and removes the unknownness surrounding it. The mind as the subject lights up the object.

The mind cannot become aware of the self because the self is what I am... self evident, self aware. The mind does not have to make the self revealed, simply because the self is self revealed. "I am" is always experienced in every experience of mine - waking, dream, and sleep.

Self revelation does not require mind, nor is the inert mind capable of revealing. What little consciousness the mind has is borrowed from the self. The self and the mind are like sun and moon... both illumine, but one is light, the other merely reflects light. The moon is lighted up by the sun, and not vice versa.

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